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Nate won a 2020/2021 Emmy for his Cinematography work with Vice News.

Always drawn to adventure and story telling, Nate was drawn to shows in challenging environments that covered the extremes of the human experience. This included filming on a glacier at 16,000 feet in the Andes, being embedded with troops in Afghanistan, and detonating unexploded ordinance in Southeast Asia. 

Working in challenging conditions gave Nate great problem solving skills, even with limited resources. Even in the harshest circumstances, he's able to artistically capture the story. 

Documentary experience required him to develop instincts to follow and respond to what is happening. Telling the story seamlessly with one camera, or many, Nate's background gives him a unique perspective in visual storytelling. 

Credits include: VICE on HBO, VICE News Tonight on HBO. Deadliest Catch on Discovery, Wicked Tuna on NatGeo Channel, Bering sea Gold on Discovery, and more.

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